As the year comes to an end, we are all thinking of 2009 and what many call “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS”.

A big one always seems to be around health, fitness, and weight.

As you are planning to Make 2009 YOUR year, I wanted to give you some tips and ideas about health and fitness as it is one of my favorite hobbies and addictions if I may say so 🙂

Now in this business of real estate sales, health, energy, and enthusiasm are all really big factors.  Especially in this market, because it’s taking longer hours and harder work to stay afloat right now.

Loans are taking longer to close, listings are taking longer to sell, the competition is getting stiffer, and all this can quickly become stressful.  Stress is one of the number one killers and weighs heavily on your overall well being.

Here are some of the things I do on a consistent basis to stay healthy, fit, energetic and enthusiastic!

1.  Have time in your daily schedule for exercise.  Even if its only a few minutes, something is better than nothing.  My motto is to break a sweat of some kind every single day!

2.  Drink plenty of water.  We all know this, but are you doing it?  Have an intention to drink no less than 3 regular size bottles of water a day.  This will increase your energy, flush out your system, and help to keep your weight under control.

3.  Eat less breads, pastas, and carbs in general, replace them with fresh fruits and veggies, this will increase your immune system, help you lose weight, and give you more energy.

4.  Read something positive every day.

5.  Listen to affirmation CD’s or write your own affirmations daily.  Keep positive thoughts in your mind at all times.  If you want to purchase our affirmations CD already recorded, with upbeat, energetic music in the background, visit our products page on our website at

6.  Laugh and smile more.  I heard something yesterday that said, we are all very likely to look back years from now and say “I wish I had lightened up a long time ago!”

7.  Plan for your day the night before.

8.  Simply choose happiness, it really is only a choice!

9.  Consider having a “well being” accountability partner to help keep each other on track.

10. Count your blessings daily, write down all the good that is in your life, and the good things that happen to you each day.  I have a partner and she and I email each other daily with a few things we are thankful for and the good that happens to us.  Grab a partner for this too!

Happy New Year to you all!