If you’re reading this today, December 24th, I hope it’s because you happen to be in the office due to an appointment!

Or, maybe, you’re just a computer junkie like so many of us!

Seriously, with all our talk of work through December, it’s officially shut down time, at least until Friday (if not longer…many sales agents reward themselves by taking the Christmas to New Year’s vacation).

So unless you have a last minute closing today, or you’re getting contracts signed, you’re proabably not working, and you shouldn’t be.

It’s Christmas Eve, Mr. Scrooge!  Time to go home.

Even if Christmas isn’t your holiday, it’s a time to think about peace, gratitude and good will and be with family.

So, from You’re The Difference to you and your families:

Thank you for being our customer, whether you are or have been in our coaching and/or courses, or whether you’ve bought our products, or even if you simply signed up for our free information, like this blog.  We sincerely thank you.

Have the happiest of holidays!  Enjoy yourselves.  Enjoy your families.


Scott and Christy

You’re The Difference