It’s December first which means there are only 18 more shopping days until Christmas, and that’s probably 18 more sales days until 2009, since most salespeople take off the week after Christmas (if not physically, they definitely mentally take those days off, and they should).

So, with less than 3 full work weeks to go, why not work those days the best you possibly can?  You’ll only have yourself to thank in January when all of your work pays off.

Just be true to yourself and your business.  If you are working on a particular day, really work.  Do the lead generation/prospecting your supposed to be doing.  Do the lead follow up, etc.

And on the days you’ve designated to not work, don’t work.

Of course that’s not cart blanche to just randomly pick days you’re not going to work.  That won’t help you or your business in any way.

If you stick to your schedule and have a little discipline, you really can mix business and pleasure this month.

The alternative is taking the whole month off mentally and having to start from scratch in January.  Yikes!

P.S.  Be good to yourself this holiday season, buy Now What Do I Say?, a book of over 425 real estate sales objection handlers.  Use December to practice and memorize your objection handlers, and you’ll be sure to have a powerful 2009!

Rock on!

Scott Friedman