Okay, campers, time to rise and shine!  It’s Monday, December 22nd and you’re looking to hibernate until January 5th.  I know you are!


I know, it’s only 3 days until Christmas, and then there’s New Year’s, so you’re effectively “done” for the year, right?


Just give yourself today and tomorrow and really go after the leads.  Properties are still expiring, aren’t they?

FSBO’s are still trying to sell, aren’t they?  (Go ahead, bring a legitimate full price written offer to a For Sale By Owner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and see if he/she doesn’t want to sign it right then and there)

You won’t be bothering anyone, if you call today and tomorrow (22nd and 23rd), I promise.  Most people aren’t in sales, they can’t just take the next 15 days off.  Most people are being paid to show up to work, so life goes on for them until late Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  And, then they have to go back to work again until New Year’s Day when they get one day off.

And, in case you’re wondering, I’m not ignoring Hanukkah.  It started last night, and as we celebrate both holidays in our household we lit the candles.  It’s just that people don’t stop working during Hanukkah.  Christmas is a national work-stopping holiday.

So, make your calls, drop by houses, and set some appointments in the next two days to ensure you have a great 1st quarter of 2009!

And to Make 2009 YOUR Year, please join us for our conference call of the same name on Thursday, January 8th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST.  All you have to do is email info@yourethedifference.com and we’ll send you the number and code for the call.

Happy Holidays from You’re The Difference!