It’s Saturday and it occurred to me, even though I’m counting weekdays for this “December Sales Event,” I could add Saturday mornings in as well…and so could you.

A group of local sales people I know are currently doing a Saturday morning 2-hour sales lead generation boot camp.

They remind me of when I was in real estate sales.  My manager had some words of wisdom for times like these.  He would say, “Now is the time to plant your seeds.”

As I’ve written before, if you actually work and lead generate in December, you might hit some home runs and get some good appointments (and then good listings).  Yet most likely you’ll be setting yourself up for a really great 1st quarter, while feeling like you’re spinning your wheels in the sand.

That’s planting your seeds.

Assuming you’re calling expired listings and For Sale By Owners, they likely think that they should wait until after the New Year to list.  And while we know that’s actually not the best course of action for them, it’s the conventional wisdom of sellers.

Or maybe you’re calling past clients and your sphere of influence, and they’re hunkering down for the holidays like most of us.

Hopefully you’re calling all of those groups, just like you would in March or October, etc.

The point is that you contacting them now plants the seed that will quite possibly grow into a listing in the New Year, if you cultivate it (lead follow up).

My manager used to also say “let some grass grow,” but that was about negotiating.  And while he seems to have ingeniously reduced the real estate sales process to maintaining a lawn, that phrase proved to be amazingly helpful as well.  I’ll blog about grass and negotiating in the near future.

But right now, I also want to address the play on words in the title (“…plan(t) your sales business!”).

I’ve talked about planting your seeds, that’s continued, consistent lead generation in December.

What about planning your business for 2009?  Do you have your goals already, personal and business?  Are they written?  Do you have a business plan to achieve those goals?  Do you have a schedule in place to hope you get to those goals?

If you haven’t done your goals and business plan, get on it, pronto!  I mentioned Saturday mornings above, so maybe you don’t do a prospecting boot camp, maybe you spend a couple hours on your business plan.  Or, in this slow time of the year, you probably have extra time in the afternoons when you would normally have appointments.

If you don’t have goals and a plan, you won’t go very far in sales.  It’s that simple.

My next post will be on how to come up with a simple business plan.  Have a great weekend!

Scott Friedman