So now it’s 11 days until Christmas if you don’t count weekends and I gotta tell you I’ve been hearing some crazy, crazy stuff!  Crazy in a good way.

I’ve now heard about the third real estate sale that has gone under contract (pending) in December and is also closing in December!  And, I’ve heard of potentially two more sales that might happen in a couple days!

And that’s just amongst the people I coach, imagine the other 1.4 million real estate agents out there.

In fact, I’m now convinced this isn’t the exception, it’s pretty common place.

Think about it, 30 day settlements are somewhat common no matter what time of the year it is, and there are more than three weeks left in December.

Now add the incentive of being in a property before the New Year for tax purposes, or out of the property if you’re the seller, and you have the perfect recipe for an end of the year commission check or two!

And, the worse case scenario for you is that you work hard, get the sale, and it closes in January.  Not a bad way to start off the year, is it?

So go take that well priced listing, like the one my client in San Diego took on Thursday.  It already has an offer on it and could be closing before December 31st!

Or find a property for that buyer like two of my clients in New Jersey just did and watch them close on December 22nd.

If you check the comments from a previous post, you’ll see Maxine from Florida got a two week closing this month as well!

It’s happening all over the country and it can happen to you.

Sell, sell, sell!

Scott Friedman