Health, Energy, and Enthusiasm

As the year comes to an end, we are all thinking of 2009 and what many call “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS”.

A big one always seems to be around health, fitness, and weight.

As you are planning to Make 2009 YOUR year, I wanted to give you some tips and ideas about health and fitness as it is one of my favorite hobbies and addictions if I may say so :)

Now in this business of real estate sales, health, energy, and enthusiasm are all really big factors.  Especially in this market, because it’s taking longer hours and harder work to stay afloat right now.

Loans are taking longer to close, listings are taking longer to sell, the competition is getting stiffer, and all this can quickly become stressful.  Stress is one of the number one killers and weighs heavily on your overall well being.

Here are some of the things I do on a consistent basis to stay healthy, fit, energetic and enthusiastic!

1.  Have time in your daily schedule for exercise.  Even if its only a few minutes, something is better than nothing.  My motto is to break a sweat of some kind every single day!

2.  Drink plenty of water.  We all know this, but are you doing it?  Have an intention to drink no less than 3 regular size bottles of water a day.  This will increase your energy, flush out your system, and help to keep your weight under control.

3.  Eat less breads, pastas, and carbs in general, replace them with fresh fruits and veggies, this will increase your immune system, help you lose weight, and give you more energy.

4.  Read something positive every day.

5.  Listen to affirmation CD’s or write your own affirmations daily.  Keep positive thoughts in your mind at all times.  If you want to purchase our affirmations CD already recorded, with upbeat, energetic music in the background, visit our products page on our website at

6.  Laugh and smile more.  I heard something yesterday that said, we are all very likely to look back years from now and say “I wish I had lightened up a long time ago!”

7.  Plan for your day the night before.

8.  Simply choose happiness, it really is only a choice!

9.  Consider having a “well being” accountability partner to help keep each other on track.

10. Count your blessings daily, write down all the good that is in your life, and the good things that happen to you each day.  I have a partner and she and I email each other daily with a few things we are thankful for and the good that happens to us.  Grab a partner for this too!

Happy New Year to you all!

Secrets to Objection Handling (you might need them 1/2/08)

As you probably have read by now, both my business partner and co-author, Christy Crouch, and I have been recommending that agents come in on January 2nd and 3rd and go after all the expired listings from Dec 31st, Jan 1 and Jan 2 (and there will be tons of them) before most agents start coming in on Monday the 5th.

Christy has gone so far as to publish her expired script in one of her recent blog posts just in case you don’t really know what to say when calling or door knocking an expired (and since she averages 100 homes a year and does 70% of it by listing and selling Expired’s and FSBO’s, I’d recommend you go check it out if you haven’t already).

So now you know what to do (call and/or door knock expired listings on Jan 2nd and 3rd), and now you know what to say (Christy’s script, or one of your choosing).  It’s just that simple, right?

In theory, yes, and at the same time, maybe not.  What happens if a seller has a question or objection that’s not on your script?  What if they want you to cut your commission, or they tell you their going to re-list with the same agent?  What if you’re on an appointment and they just want to think about it?  Or, what if they say or ask any number of questions that you’re not prepared for?

Good questions.  And below, I’m going to give you the secrets to handling objections, and not just for talking to expireds.  These secrets are for both buyers and sellers.

1.  Realize where objections come from -  This is the biggest secret and the most simplest thing to get.  Objections only come from people who are considering doing business with you.  You should be happy when getting an objection.  If you don’t care about something, are you going to bother talking about it?

For example, let’s say you’re in the clothing store and you want to a business outfit in blue, black or gray.  Let’s say you told the salesperson you only want to spend up to $200.  So, if the salesperson comes back with an orange outfit for $215 dollars, are you going to ask them to discount it to $199?

NO!!!  You’re not considering buying that orange eyesore, so what the heck do you care about the price??

Same goes with a buyer or seller – if they have questions and/or objections, they’re interested.  If they’re not interested, they won’t object.  They’ll disappear.

2.  Get some objection handlers – I don’t care how or where you get them, just get them.  At the end of this blog post is a link to our book, Now What Do I Say?, with over 425 handlers, but you can come up with your own if you’d like.  The point is that you need to have standard answers that you can go to anytime something comes up.

Clients aren’t coming up wtih new objection handlers to fool agents.  Objections are pretty much the same.  And, since one client doesn’t know what you’re saying to another client, it shouldn’t matter to you if you think you say the same thing over and over again.  Listen to a flight attendant…do they make up their in-flight safety speech as they go along, or have they rehearsed it hundreds of times?  For that matter, check out the pilot.  Are you upset when you find out the pilot does the same exact pre-flight checklist for you as he/she did for the 25 other flights he’s flown this month?  Heck, no!  You want him/her to do the same things.  He/she’s a professional.

Well, so are you.  So stop being surprised when a seller says they want you to cut your commission, or only wants to list for 90 days.  Have your answer ready.

3. Practice, practice, practice – I already alluded to this with my flight attendant analogy.  You must practice objection handlers to the point of memorization.  The phenomenon that occurs once you practice is that you are so confident, and ready to get objections, you rarely ever get them anymore.  That’s the joke.  The more you look forward to them, the less you get them.

As I stated in point number one, you only get objections from people who are considering using you.  However, you get those objections when they sense you’re not as confident a salesperson as they want/need.  If you walked in and they just thought, “Wow!  That person’s gonna sell my home!” they wouldn’t ever bring up an objection.  That’s because you give off a confident and authoritative quality.  Please don’t confuse that with ego or arrogance…they won’t be thinking, “Wow,” they’ll be thinking, “How,” as in, “How can I get this jerk out of my house in less than 15 seconds?”

Make a daily habit of practicing objection handlers.  Schedule it.  Do it with other agents if you can.  It’ll pay off hundreds of times over.

4.  Agree with the client, understand the client’s point of view, don’t fight – Since you now know the reasons you get objections you can understand the buyer or seller’s point of view when they raise the objection.  That means you can acknowledge and agree with what they say.  99% of the time, you want to agree with them before handling the objection (there are one or two objection handling language patterns that don’t call for agreement).

The client wants to know they’ve been heard, so when you agree with them and/or repeat what they said, they feel heard.

I’ve seen agents berate, argue, debate and otherwise fight with a client, telling the client how wrong the client is and how right the agent is.

How do you like being told how wrong you are?  How do you being told what to do?  How do you like it when people don’t treat you nicely?

So, why on earth do we think that we can just be that way with a client and things will be just fine?

5.  Don’t take it personally - That piggy backs off the previous point.  For some reason, agents take objections personally.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If it was personal, the person wouldn’t be working with you anymore.  They’d yell at you, they’d hang up on you, they’d never return your calls.  They wouldn’t object.

“Bob, I just don’t like you.  You’re a jerk, and I’m pretty sure you hit on my wife during your presentation.  So, if you cut your commission, I’ll be okay with all of that.”

Do you really think Bob would be getting that objection?  He’d be lucky if he got out the house without being punched.

So, just get that people object for many reasons that have nothing to do with you.  Heck, the media is always talking about how a client should ask for this or that, etc.  People are just doing what they think they should.

One time, when I was still selling real estate, I sold an expired listing in 10 days for 99% of asking, and got them a great house at a great deal to move into.  Literally as he was signing the buying contract for the new home, Mr. Client, pen in hand, looked up and asked if I would now cut my commission.  I looked at him as a parent might look at a child who’s trying to pull one over on the parent and said, “Good question, but AS you’re signing the contract?”  He laughed and said, “I had to ask,” and signed the contract.

I had every right to take it personally, too.  I just did what their last agent couldn’t do, and did it 5 months and 20 days faster, and they wanted me to cut my commission??? How dare they???  Really, I just realized he was doing what he thought he had to, and I didn’t take it personally.

6.  Don’t handle objections on the phone – If it’s at all possible do NOT handle objections over the phone.  You need to pick your battles, so to speak.  If a seller asks you to cut your commission over the phone, no matter how good you are at handling it, you won’t be listing their house.  They’ll likely not agree to an appointment with you and won’t answer your follow up calls.  Handling objections over the phone gives the power to the person on the phone.  They can simply hang up, and if they don’t like your answer, never take your calls again.

As a rule, only handle objections that help you set an appointment.  If a seller says they’re going to re-list with the same agent, by all means, handle that objection to get them to agree to an appointment with you.  If they say they only want to list for 90 days, that’s not something you deal with until you’re on the appointment.

7. CLOSE!!! – Never, never, never handle an objection if you aren’t going to close for whatever you need to close for, be it appointment or contract.  Spouting off all your newly memorized wonderful handlers won’t do diddly if you don’t end it by asking for the business.  Always close at the end of objection handlers.

*Now you have the secrets to handling objections.  If you’d like to get 425 objection handlers for 70+ different objections, written and used by top agents, click here to check out Now What Do I Say? on

Also, if you want to Make 2009 YOUR Year, please join Christy and me for our free conference call with tons of valuable tips and information to use in your business right away.  The call is Thursday, January 8th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST.   All you have to do is email and you’ll be sent the conference line and code.

Prepare For The Year End Expired Listings

If you are thinking of calling all of those expired listings that will come up next Friday, January 1st and are unsure of what to say, I wanted to share my script with you.

It’s allowed me to do more than 70% of my business with Expired’s and FSBO’S.  I’m actually going to give you the script that I use for leaving messages when I can’t get an answer, and you can basically use the same if you do catch someone home.

Now obviously you want to try to reach them in person whenever possible to set an appointment.  But, I’ve found that now a days, it seems a lot of folks are screening their calls with caller ID, and may not answer if they don’t recognize the number.

The other beauty of leaving messages is that most other agents even if calling at all, generally aren’t leaving a message.  And, I want you to know it WORKS!  Day after day I get clients calling back from my message asking to set an appointment!

Hi, this is _____ with ______, I noticed that your home came up on our computer today as an expired listing, and I just wanted to check to see if you guys were planning to interview a different agent for the job of helping you?

If you are, I would love the opportunity to meet with you and show you what I can offer.  I work with a lot of folks here in the area and have a very active and aggressive marketing plan that’s actually really effective!  I have been able to sell ____ homes so far this year, and consistently sell an averagey of ______ homes each year.

I mention this, just because I feel confident that I can help you get your home sold and of course, given the opportunity would take excellent care of you.  If you would be interested in getting together my office number direct is __________.  Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope to connect with you.

It is a little long and yet I generally have plenty of time to get the entire script out, and it’s been very effective in getting response.  If you are new or haven’t sold a number of homes that you would want to mention, then you can use your companies’ numbers and simply say my company has sold ____ homes so far this year and consistently sells an average of ______ each year.

Don’t forget to register for our FREE call, Make 2009 YOUR year. Simply send us an email to and you’ll be emailed back with the number and code. The call is Thurs. Jan. 8th 4:00-5:00 est.

Happy Holidays from Scott and Christy!

If you’re reading this today, December 24th, I hope it’s because you happen to be in the office due to an appointment!

Or, maybe, you’re just a computer junkie like so many of us!

Seriously, with all our talk of work through December, it’s officially shut down time, at least until Friday (if not longer…many sales agents reward themselves by taking the Christmas to New Year’s vacation).

So unless you have a last minute closing today, or you’re getting contracts signed, you’re proabably not working, and you shouldn’t be.

It’s Christmas Eve, Mr. Scrooge!  Time to go home.

Even if Christmas isn’t your holiday, it’s a time to think about peace, gratitude and good will and be with family.

So, from You’re The Difference to you and your families:

Thank you for being our customer, whether you are or have been in our coaching and/or courses, or whether you’ve bought our products, or even if you simply signed up for our free information, like this blog.  We sincerely thank you.

Have the happiest of holidays!  Enjoy yourselves.  Enjoy your families.


Scott and Christy

You’re The Difference

A Few Days Left To End 2008 Powerfully

As this year is quickly coming to an end, I wanted to share some things that I am doing to bring this year to an end, and welcome the new year.

Some of these tips may seem simple and obvious.  And, I just want to mention them to gently remind you of being as efficient, and as organized, as you possibly can.

The more you can take care of now while things are somewhat slow, the better prepared you’ll be to powerfully begin 2009.

1.  If you haven’t already, go ahead and get all your tax return stuff together and organized, so you can file your tax return asap next year.

2. Box up all your closed and dead files for 2008 and put them in storage

3.  If it’s not too much trouble, make a copy of the HUD from all your closings in 2008 and mail a copy with a nice letter to your past clients mentioning that you wanted to send it to them for their convenience for tax returns.

This letter should be sent during the first few weeks of January.

You can also send this to any buyers that bought your listings throughout the year.

4.  Clean out your desk, car, office, and home.  De-clutter and throw some stuff away.  Make space for new!

Give some things away to Goodwill, family, friends, or co-workers that may need it.

I spent 3 hours last night doing this, and feel great as a result.  The space in my life now has a whole new feel, neat, clean and organized!

5.  Remember to continue working on your business plan for 2009 if you haven’t finished it.

6.  Make new folders / files for your stuff next year.  Bank statements, phone bills, receipts, tax info, ad bills, misc, you know all the things you need to file somewhere, go ahead and make the files for 2009 now.

7.  My accountant told me that if I am thinking of spending any type of business money in the next few months, to spend it before Dec. 31st, so we can use it for a tax write off this year.

I know I don’t have to tell you that part but, quickly make a list of any office supplies you may need in the next couple months and go ahead and buy now.

This allows you the tax write off, and gets you prepared ahead of time.  (business cards, signs, office supplies, stamps, etc.)

8.   Study this year’s MLS stats.  Practice presenting them, talking about them and know them like the back of your hand, so you can powerfully present them when talking with clients next year.

Now more than ever, you need to have an advantage on the competition.

9.  I think I’ve mentioned this in previous blogs, and Scott may have as well, this is huge though so I want to mention it again.

On January 1st, next Thursday, there will likely be a TON of expired listings that will come up on your Hotsheet.

Go ahead and print them all on Thursday and get the numbers of any that don’t already have them.

Then get in the office first thing Friday, January 2nd, and START CALLING! Most agents are taking off from now till Jan 5th, and this will put you leaps and bounds ahead, and already in your game!

If you don’t know what to say, ANYTHING is better than nothing.  If you aren’t up for calling them, I understand.  Mail something to them instead.

A simple letter with your card telling them that if they are considering making a change on agents, you would love to interview with them, and show them how you (or your company) were able to sell ______ homes in 2008 and can help them sell their home as well!

You could of course say something to this affect as well!

10.  Read a motivational book of your choice between now and the end of the year.

I hope this has brought value to you.  Please don’t forget about the free call Scott and I are doing on Thursday Jan. 8th 4:00-5:00 p.m. est, Make 2009 YOUR year!

All you have to do is email and you’ll be sent the call in number and code.

Please visit our website at to see all the services and products we offer to help make 2009 YOUR year.

Crunch Time! Make or break your first quarter 2009!

Okay, campers, time to rise and shine!  It’s Monday, December 22nd and you’re looking to hibernate until January 5th.  I know you are!


I know, it’s only 3 days until Christmas, and then there’s New Year’s, so you’re effectively “done” for the year, right?


Just give yourself today and tomorrow and really go after the leads.  Properties are still expiring, aren’t they?

FSBO’s are still trying to sell, aren’t they?  (Go ahead, bring a legitimate full price written offer to a For Sale By Owner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and see if he/she doesn’t want to sign it right then and there)

You won’t be bothering anyone, if you call today and tomorrow (22nd and 23rd), I promise.  Most people aren’t in sales, they can’t just take the next 15 days off.  Most people are being paid to show up to work, so life goes on for them until late Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  And, then they have to go back to work again until New Year’s Day when they get one day off.

And, in case you’re wondering, I’m not ignoring Hanukkah.  It started last night, and as we celebrate both holidays in our household we lit the candles.  It’s just that people don’t stop working during Hanukkah.  Christmas is a national work-stopping holiday.

So, make your calls, drop by houses, and set some appointments in the next two days to ensure you have a great 1st quarter of 2009!

And to Make 2009 YOUR Year, please join us for our conference call of the same name on Thursday, January 8th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST.  All you have to do is email and we’ll send you the number and code for the call.

Happy Holidays from You’re The Difference!

Yes The Market Is Picking Up!

Yes, the market is picking up!  But, it could be another challenging year in 2009, if YOU don’t decide to be the one to make a difference in your business.

This is slightly a long blog entry, and if you’ll take just a few minutes to read to the end, I promise you are going to gain some powerful information that can immediately make a difference in your life and your business.

As I’ve mentioned before I have been selling an average of 100 homes a year for the last, well, almost nine years now, and this year no doubt, has been one of the most challenging.

Despite the market, I’ve still sold 85 so far this year.  What’s really exciting is that in the last 30 days business has really picked up!  My business was almost at what seemed like a complete standstill a few months ago, like many of us experienced.

I actually checked my phone lines and voice mail system to make sure they were working properly because my phone rang so little.  Yes, I honestly checked the phone cord to make sure it was plugged into the phone jack.  Then I took it a step further, and actually called the phone company to ensure the voice mail system was working because I wasn’t getting any messages.  LOL!  I was quickly starting to become close to insane.

It didn’t take me long though to realize exactly what the problem was.  “I” with an underline, capital letter, and the biggest bold font you can imagine, was the problem!

It was all on me.  My head was in the gutter.  I was constantly watching the news, listening to CNN, and talking to everyone and their brother to find agreement that the market sucked, and life in real estate was fading quickly.

My team could hardly stand to be around me because I had become Mrs. Doom and Gloom in every sense of the word.

I had stopped doing all the things that I knew to do, to stay afloat despite the world around me.  I no longer read books, listened to audio programs, I stopped calling my accountability partners, I decided I didn’t need a coach.  You know, I figured, shoot by now, I can do it on my own.  After all, I had been doing this learning, motivational, coaching, mentoring stuff for almost nineteen years, “I’ve got it”, is what I thought.  Boy was my ego out of control!  Needless to say I quickly went into a dark, lonely breakdown!

Fortunately, I knew breakdowns are only a stepping stone to breakthroughs, and the bigger the breakdown the bigger the breakthrough!

One day after getting an email invitation to a free call about how to make the last quarter of 2008 the best quarter you’ve ever had in life and in business with some motivational company I had never heard of I decided, hmmm, it’s time to get back to the things that I know will pull me out of this breakdown so I registered for the call.

I knew before I even got on the free call that it was time for my breakthrough to occur!

I listened to the entire call and it was all phenomenal stuff, but, the one thing that stuck in my head was that CNN stood for Constant Negative News!

I had always been taught not to listen to, read or pay attention to the news but again, I had gotten away from all my successful habits.  It just really rang my bell to hear that.  It jolted me into realizing that even after nineteen years of of being coached, following my mentors, leaders, coaching others, and doing all the things they’ve taught me that even I can’t stay on track 100% of the time, And that even I, can’t go this thing alone.

We all need each other in life.  We need supporters, leaders, mentors, teachers, people that can pull us back when we are falling, cheerleaders in our corner.  People who have done what we’re trying to accomplish so we can do it with less hardship and effort.  Learn from their mistakes, challenges and take on what they’ve learned!

At that moment, I decided to draw the line, and get my but back to the basics of what I had always done to have the life, business, and peace of mind I once had.

Right now I want to quickly share the top 10 things I’ve done to create success and balance in my life both personally and professionally for the last nineteen years.

1.  From 8:00-5:00 during a business day, I only allow myself to listen to audio programs that are designed to forward my life and business.

2.  I exercise five times a week for vitality, stress reduction, energy, and the simple discpline of it.  And of course, for the health benefits.

3.  I write 10 things that I’m grateful for each day, and 10 things that I want to accomplish each day with a partner.  We email them to each other first thing in the morning

5.  I participate in mastermind groups.  That very day I called a friend and said lets create a mastermind group for 2009 and we’ve already had our first three calls together!

6.  I read atleast 15 minutes a day.  This has to be some type of book that is going to further my life and career.

7.  I attend Church, Read the Bible, and Pray.  I don’t mean to be religious here, this is just what I do.  Whatever it is you do to have spiritual well being, is what you should do.  Meditation is also a good practice.  Or, just simply taking time outside of your life and world, to thank your higher being, to reflect on life, be grateful, pray, ask for guidance and simply have quiet time with yourself to discover what’s going on with YOU.

8.  I plan for, work on, read and think about my business and life from outside it on a consistent basis.  Take time away from your day to day activities to reflect on the big picture, your vision, your goal, your systems, what works and what doesn’t work in your life and business.  Determine new actions, new habits and ideas to get you to where you want to go.

9.  Increase, improve, and work on my customer service.  Thank them, over service them.  under promise and over deliver to them in every respect.

10.  Think and speak about the things I want instead of the things I don’t want.  And last, not watch, read, or listen to the media and stay away from conversations with others about anything that’s too negative.  Focus on the things in life that make you feel.  Napoleon Hill said, you get what you think about all day long so be careful what you chose to think about!

Ok, so in wrapping my story here up, I went to Church that Sunday after deciding that my breakdown was over, and I was now prepared to take on my breakthrough.  This was the first time I had been to church in quite some time because remember, in my breakdown, I had stopped doing all the things that got me to where I was in life.  I was Mrs. doom and Gloom!

I went forward to pray after my big ah ha moment of realizing it wasn’t the market at all, it was me that was causing this huge breakdown.  I wanted to thank God and ask him for guidance of where to go now.

As my pastor and I were praying she said to me, Christy, You’re The One.  She went on to repeat this upwards of five times in a row staring me straight in my eyes.  I got complete chills and burst into tears.  Why?  Because the name of an audio program I co-wrote with my partner, Scott Friedman is called, You’re The One. What really gave me the chills is that my pastor had NO idea that I had written a book / audio program at all, much less the name of it.

Tears of joy and triumph and a little guilt even, came endlessly down my cheeks as I realized that even after writing You’re The One, I had not been being The One in my own life to make a difference.  I was humbled at that very moment in knowing that no one in this world is perfect and none of us will be at the top of our game 100% of the time.  I went back and listened to my own audio program over and over for a solid week.

Quickly my life and business and entire being began to shift.  The colors in the world seemed a little brighter, my family life was becoming joyous again.  My business started picking up rapidly, and overall I felt like the weight of the world had literally been lifted off my shoulders.

Why am I being so authentic and sharing all this with you?  Great question!  Because, I want YOU to be the difference in your life and in your business and realize that You’re The One to be, do and have anything you want in your life!

Please visit our website at if you would like to order our audio program, You’re The One, and learn how you can be the difference in your entire life.  Discover how you alone, have the power to do anything you set your mind to.  There is no magic pill in life, but there is true magic in you, God and the universe! You simply have to allow yourself in and that sounds odd, yes.  But sadly most of us go through life so busy and so quickly that there is no US in our own life and then mixing that with God and the universe true magic can occur in your life!

Don’t forget about our FREE call, make 2009 YOUR year on Thursday Jan 8th 4:00-5:00 est.  Simply email us at and you’ll automatically be sent an email with the call number and code.

We’re going to share some powerful ideas and techniques to have your business soar in 2009 despite what the media says about the market.

As you know, rates have dropped to an all time low and people will undoubtedly be buying and selling, and actually are as we speak.

I’ve sold three homes just in the last week!  I’m no different than anyone else, just a normal person doing extraordinary things.  I want to teach you what I’ve learned along the way.  Allow me to coach you, mentor, you and share with you, so you can sell as many homes as you like in 2009.

We’re not gonna sell you on anything during this free call or tell you to take advantage of our products and services, you’ll decide what’s right for you as you discover all the amazing things we have to help you.

Let me quickly mention one product that will automatically help you increase your business, Now What Do I Say? Live.  This is a 40 minute live CD where you can hear myself, my co-author’s Donna Fleetwood, who also sells over a hundred homes a year, and Scott Friedman, who has coached, and mentored agents to meet their greatness for years, sharing answers to 12 of the most common objections and questions that you’ll ever face in your real estate sales business.

Simply listening to this CD will cause you to do more business and it’s only $19.99!  check it out on our website at on our products page.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you.  I hope some of it has made a difference and inspired you to BE THE ONE to make a difference in your life and your business and that you will join us for make 2009 YOUR year on Jan 8th!

Who are you going to listen to?

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of being at a small conference led by Jim Gillespie, President and CEO of Coldwell Banker…the guy you see on TV on Fox News and such.

Besides being thoroughly impressed with this guy (how could you not be, he really is a great guy) he had some very interesting things to say about the market now and in the future.

I’m not going to get into any specifics, but basically he said that, in order for 2009 to be a better year than 2008, some things will need to happen, like:

1. NAR has some initiatives that it’s trying to get in front of Congress which could positively affect the market.

2. There’s still more mortgage bailout money coming that hasn’t been spent from the original $750 billion that will have a positive affect on the market…

3.  …Which may or may not be tied to the new administration’s potential stimulus package, also reportedly coming in 2009

But he also mentioned that mortgages are so amazingly low right now that it’s a great opportunity.

Mortgage people I know were flooded the last two days with buyers and re-fi’s due to the sub 5% rates!

What an incredible time to buy!!

And, California and Florida had roughly a 100% increase in units sold last month vs. the month before.

Out of all that, the three biggest points I came away with were:

1. Real estate is local – meaning that just because we have a national recession, and just because the media picks up on national headlines, doesn’t mean that it’s that bad everywhere.

Ex: I have a client in Salt Lake City and a client in San Diego, both who have identical production levels (they’ve each sold over 40 homes this year, increased from under 30 last year).  My San Diego client has been experiencing a lot of activity over the last few months, as California has seemingly reached the affordability price point and now units are moving.  Meanwhile, my SLC client had most of his activity occur in 2Q and early 3Q of this year, while it’s getting slower there as prices continue to drop and things aren’t selling as much.  Both of them have great skills and are doing consistent lead generation, and expect to hit their goal of 50.

On top of that, I have a client in Margate, NJ who started coaching with us in June and had about 6 or 7 deals closed and pending.  He was up to about 8 by the time 4Q rolled around, struggling against a flat or dying market in a mostly 2nd home area.  Currently, he’s at about 15 deals and has a real shot at 20 by year end as things have picked up.

What’s that mean?  It means that just because the national hype is about how bad everything is, real estate is really local.  What happens in someone else’s market doesn’t necessarily happen in yours. AND…

2.  People are still buying and selling every single day.  AND…

3.  You have to be willing to go out and get the business.  You can’t expect it to come to you.

It’s still 2008 and there is still business to be had.  The December Sales Event is still in full swing!

***AND…Make 2009 YOUR Year.  Join us for a free conference call to kick off the year on Thursday, January 8th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST.  Simply email and we’ll send you the number and code.

This is your time to shine!!

Make 2009 YOUR year part 2

First of all, I hope everyone is having a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!

I hope you are enjoying the time of year and embracing the moments with your family. These moments will never repeat themselves, and there is no someday, so I hope you are making your someday, TODAY!

Okay so a few days ago I talked about the importance of creating a plan for yourself to make 2009 YOUR year.

After looking back on the last few years and what you’ve done, where your business has come from, what has worked for you and what your challenges have been, it’s now time to plan for 2009!

Before you get started, remember getting too complicated and involved here can cause you to become overwhelmed and can possibly cause you to not bother to ever read the plan again and you know that’s not the intention of a business plan, right? You want to read it daily if possible, and certainly no less than weekly throughout the year.

And don’t get too attached, the plan can change as life changes throughout the year. You may exceed your goals quicker than you think. The only constant in life is change, so know that you can revise this plan at anytime you feel you need to.

You know, it has been proven that simply taking the time to write your goals down puts you in the top 5% of the population. Sadly, most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do their life and business. Speaking of life, I’ll talk soon about a life plan that will propel your life as well as your business forward.

I had a mastermind call the other day that really inspired me personally to ramp up my planning in my personal life and I want to share some of what I learned with you.

Okay, so here are the basics of what I put in my yearly business plan:

  1. Decide how many homes you want to sell in 2009.
  2. Decide how much money you want to make.
  3. Then break it down into a monthly basis. Actually write out Jan – Dec. and determine how many sales you want to make in each month. (I know it’s tough to nail it down like that. However, you know what months are busier than others and can simply base it on your past production, or talk with your broker to see if they can guide you on what months are busier than others)
  4. I take it a step even further and decide each month the following numbers:

  1. How many listings I want to take each month
  2. How many listings I want to sell each month
  3. How many buyer sales I want to make each month
  4. How many price reductions I want to get each month on the listings that aren’t sold.
  5. How many days I’m going to work each month
  6. How much income I want to make each month

5.  After you determine all this you can create a schedule for the year. Go ahead and determine when you will take vacations, days off, etc. so that you can actually plan for your entire year.

6.  Decide all the things you want to do in 2009, when you want to do them and even consider booking and paying for them ahead of time. This should include vacations and business seminars.

7.  And last, decide what new actions you want to take in 2009 to propel your business forward and how you will overcome the challenges that you’ve had in the past.

This is a short, simple, easy to create, and follow, business plan. You can get as detailed as you’d like, just make sure it’s something that draws your attention, energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

Please feel free to call or email Scott and I if we can help you in any way as you are planning to make 2009 YOUR year!

And don’t forget about our free call, Make 2009 YOUR Year, on Thurs. Jan 8th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST. Simply email us at and you’ll be sent the conference call number, code, and time.

I’ll talk to you soon about how to Make 2009 YOUR Year, personally!

The seasonal momentum shift in sales…

I know you can feel it…with only 8 days until Christmas, the season is sucking you in, isn’t it?

You’re probably finding it harder and harder to work…ready to take the next 2 weeks off, aren’t you?

Resist the urge…today, tomorrow, Friday, next Monday and Tuesday are all good sales days!

Make some calls, stop by houses, talk to people to get business.

As the great Rob Schneider says in all those Adam Sandler movies, “You can do it!”

You stop now and starting up again in January is going to be that much tougher.

However, to make it a little bit easier, as Christy posted yesterday, we are inviting you to our FREE call, Make 2009 YOUR Year on Thursday January 8th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST.

The call is going to have so much information jammed into it, giving you ideas as to how to do more business right away, that we’re going to have trouble keeping it to the 60 minutes we have designed for it.  Plus, you’ll have direct access to my partner, Christy Crouch, who sells an average of 100 homes a year.  Ask her anything you want about how she does so much business.

To register for the FREE call, Make 2009 YOUR Year, simply email with “free call” in the subject line, and we’ll send you the conference line number and code.

Sell, sell, sell!