I know I’ve been writing about how most sales people go into hibernation during the holidays, and basically sleep through the fourth quarter of the year.

And, I have also written that a salesperson should enjoy the actual holiday time they have set aside for themselves.

That means, be true to your business on the days leading up to your holiday time, and the days after your holiday time…and most importantly enjoy the actual holiday time, stress free, cell phone off.

I say “holiday time” because I don’t think that it’s neccessarily one day, the holiday, and then back to work.  Chances are you’re going to enjoy Thanksgiving and want to take Friday off, giving you a long weekend.  If that’s at all possible (some bosses don’t allow for that), please do so.  You deserve it.  Enjoy your time.

Seriously, in this economy, when was the last time you took a vacation anyway?  You’ll get more much more value out of taking Black Friday off then you would by dragging your turkey coma’d butt in wishing you weren’t there.

Same with Christmas, are you really going to work on the 24th or 26th?  Most people take a week off around Christmas anyway.

You gonna bust your hump to get that deal done on December 31st at 3:30pm?  Gonna go work hard to generate leads on Friday, January 2nd, 2009?

I doubt it.

So don’t pretend to work on those days.  Give yourself the time off you deserve.  And work diligently on the days you say you’re going to be working.

Happy Thanksgiving (and Black Friday!).

Scott Friedman