It doesn’t.

First of all, for those of you who have clients who say they’re waiting until after the election to do something, that’s a smoke screen.  It’s the same as saying they want to wait till the new year.  Think about it, the election happened, the new president can’t take office until January 20th, then he enacts whatever he wants to enact, gets Congress’s approval and it goes into effect.  By the time it actually has an effect on the economy, it’s going to be at least March, if not Summer 2009.

But, if you’re in real estate, you have the very real challenge of raised capital gains taxes, as well as interest rates going up…so watch out.

Really, just don’t buy into the hype.  People need to buy and sell your product or service now.  And they are doing that, every day.  You just need to find them.

And, that’s just business as usual.  Sure, with hard economic times it’s getting harder to find those people, yet they’re out there if you’re willing to look.  Gone for the foreseeable future are the order taker days of people just showing up to buy or sell.  You have to be willing to go after people.

And stop buying into the hype yourself.  So many salespeople have convinced themselves that nobody is buying or selling.  Not true.  It’s happening every day.  Maybe less than we all would like, but if you’re actually working to find them, you’ll benefit.

And, remember, 99.9% of salespeople shut down from Halloween until January 3rd.  So, even if you work it just a little bit more now, and don’t see great results, it’ll pay off in January, February and March, while the others are just waking up from their holiday comas.

Now, to switch gears, here’s my unsolicited take on the election.  I am a Republican and voted for McCain.  However, I’m an American who loves his country and will support my President.  Yet, 52% of the country wanted “change” without knowing if it was going to be good or bad change.  The House and Senate now is overwhelmingly Democrat.  So, with half the Supreme Court Justices being liberal (and a swing vote justice who tends to lean liberal), Democrats pretty much now control the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the government.  That’s all three of the branches.  The system of checks and balances doesn’t seem to have any checks and balances right now.  That’s really not a good sign.

What’s worse is so many people seemed to vote for Obama out of “change” and charisma.  They wanted a savior.  We should be looking for a leader.  A leader leads and inspires others to lead.  A savior begets people just swooning and expecting all to be okay and things to be handed to them.

Let’s hope the new President is a leader and he inspires the people to lead with him.

Scott Friedman