Everyone in sales always seems to run into loads and loads of prospects/clients that all say the same thing:

“I want to wait until after the holidays.”

In most sales industries where clients buy products or services (and not also sell as they can in real estate), it might be the right thing to do.  Either they’ve spent their yearly budget, or they won’t be making new purchases until the next year, etc.  However, occasionally you catch clients that need to make a purchase in this tax year, so that might be something to point out to them.

In real estate sales it’s different.  Yes, people may want to wait to buy houses until the next year.  Yet, you may have the same issue…maybe they need to buy before the tax year ends.  And, you never know, if interest rates go up that same house for the same price will cost them more out of pocket just for waiting.

But most of the “wait until after the holidays” mentality in real estate focuses on sellers…rather potential sellers.

The basic fundamental flaw in sellers thinking about waiting until after the holidays is that they seem to think they personally are the only one’s who are thinking that.  They don’t stop and think that maybe every potential seller is thinking the same thing.  They don’t realize that if every seller thinks the way they do, then there will be a boatload of houses on the market come January, and that means more competition for my house, which means a lower price!

So, if you have a potential real estate sales client that wants to sell their home, yet wait for the holidays to pass, you need to be armed with some good reasons as to why they should list now.


-As I just mentioned, more houses on the market in January equals less money for their house.

-Conversely, fewer homes on the market now equals less competition and more money.

-This goes for anytime a seller wants to wait for a certain period of time:

  • Market is (or could be) still going down, so each month you wait costs you equity.
  • Interest rates could go up, making it harder for buyers to buy in the New Year.

-Fewer buyers around the holidays, yet the ones who are looking are SERIOUS buyers.  Who would waste time during the holidays to look at something unless they were really interested?

-Houses look and smell their best around Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah.  Buyers will be more inspired to buy.

The list goes on, so start to think about some of the reasons you think it’s best that a seller lists now and start to sell more during the holidays!

Scott Friedman