Halfway through the week, have you gotten started?

Lots of times people in sales play catch up for a day or two and then start to rev up their work week.


So, as stated before, here’s a sure-fire way to make your sales work days and work week very powerful:

Put yourself on a schedule ASAP! – One real estate sales client of mine had a to-do list of 5 things that all got in the way of her lead generation.  She asked me what to do, because she didn’t want to get off schedule, but needed to get the things done for her upcoming appointments.  I told her that in this instance she needed to create a mini schedule inside her normal schedule.  In other words, how much time would she allow herself to do these tasks and then get back on her regular schedule vs. just let the list dictate the schedule?  In other words, she could assign a time frame to do them or she could just try to get through the list in however long it was going to take and see what happens…which is not very powerful or efficient.

She decided on an hour.

Later she let me know that while she didn’t complete every single task, she got very close.  She said that normally it would have taken her all morning, or all day to do those things, partially because without a time limit, she’d have worked less diligently and looked to goof-off.  However, because she only had an hour to do them, she worked very diligently.  She then was able to get back on her schedule and do some lead generation to get some sales, realizing that she could complete the rest of the list very easily during her allotted admin/errand time later that afternoon.

Her company has a one hour sales meeting starting at 9:30am on Tuesdays.  Her lead generation time is 9-11.  So imagine if she blew off Monday’s lead generation for the “tasks” and then blew off Tuesday because of the sales meeting (technically she could make calls from 9-9:30 and again from 10:30-11, but momentum is difficult in that short a time period).  She effectively would have not been generating any kind of business until Wednesday.

Live by your schedule.  Work within it to help you.  Be responsible for when you’re off it.  Focus on income producing activities.

**Also, remember, there are only about 25-30 work days left this quarter.  Each day you don’t do what you know you’re supposed to be doing is another day towards your Holiday Coma, thereby assuring you of little or no business now and for the first quarter of 2009.

It’s very easy to let the day, the work week and this whole quarter get away from us.  Next thing you know it’s Christmas and you’re taking a week or so off and you realize that you have no new or pipeline/pending business.  Then you have to start from scratch on January 2nd.

Not fun.

It’s Wednesday.  Make the rest of the week, and quarter very powerful!

Scott Friedman