I’m sure you’ve heard some version of this fable, yet it’s always good to be reminded of things.

Two twin brothers were being interviewed as to how their life got to be the way it was.

One brother was well educated, very well off and was a CEO of a major company.  He was happily married and had two children, etc., etc.

The other brother never graduated college, couldn’t hold down a job, and turned to crime among other things.  In fact, his interview was conducted in jail.  He was never married, yet had a few children with different mothers that he never got to see.

Again, the question was “How did your life turn out this way?”.

Interviewed separately, both of them gave the same answer:

“If you had my father growing up, your life would be like this, too.”

How do two people with the same tools and same upbringing end up completely different?

How do two salespeople with the same training and same tools end up with completely different sales results?

It’s not your dad.

It’s you.

Stop looking at other people and other things to justify why you don’t have what you want in your life, why you’re not doing well in your sales business.

Look only at yourself.

Don’t blame other people and other things for what’s going wrong in your life and business.  Look at how you can make a change in yourself.

This isn’t steadfast advice for all things.  Clearly, if you are being wronged by someone, take a stand.  Just look first before you leap.  If others around you are having success with what you think is holding you back, or being “done” to you…look in the mirror first and be honest with yourself.  Are you doing your best, or whining like a three year old?

The only magic pill in your life is you.  That’s why the company is called You’re The Difference.  Because you’re the only one who can make a difference with yourself.

Go make a difference with yourself and your sales.  You deserve it.

Scott Friedman