At the risk of sounding like a Nike commercial, Just Do It.

Just call expired listings.  Just call For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s).  Just call your past clients and sphere’s of influence.  Just call around listings or sales.  Just door knock expired’s and FSBO’s.  Just follow up on the leads you generate.

Just do it.

Too many agents spend too much time trying to prepare for what they need to do to generate leads.  Some need everything to be perfect before they even start out.

I had one client who wouldn’t start calling expired listings because, in his mind, he didn’t have the perfect script.  I gave him a script used by top agents and he wanted to make his own perfect script.  And, every time I asked if he started calling expireds he said he needed to perfect his script.  Funny thing is he wasn’t showing up to role-play sessions, so I don’t know how he planned to perfect it if he wasn’t willing to practice it.  And, try as I did to suggest that calling expireds anyway, and maybe just even giving his name and number, gave him at least a chance of setting an appointment.  I mentioned that the people he called didn’t know he was supposed to have a perfect script, so call anyway because they wouldn’t be missing anything.  I even did math with him:  If you call them you have exponentially increased your chances of setting an appointment because 100% of the expireds you don’t call will NOT set an appointment.

Too many agents are getting ready to get ready so they can get ready to aim and then when they’re ready to aim, they will aim for a while as they get ready to fire.  Typically, they end up never actually firing.



What are you waiting for?

I’d love to hear the answer to that.  Call, email or comment below.

Scott Friedman