While you definitely need a schedule if you’re in real estate sales, you don’t just need any schedule.  You need YOUR schedule; a schedule that works for you, made by you.

If you try to follow someone else’s schedule, like, for instance, the top producer in the office/market, you will most likely fall off.

For various reasons, of the few agents that actually try to keep a schedule, most of them don’t stick to it very well.  So, it’s that much harder to stay on a schedule that you didn’t even create.

In other words, you need to make your own schedule that fits your life, your business and your goals.

And you need to schedule off days, non-business appointments, vacations…everything!

Right off the bat I’m reminded of Greg Harrelson of Century 21 – The Harrelson Group in Myrtle Beach, SC.  As the story goes, Greg, who at the time was selling over 500 properties a year, wanted to take tennis lessons, but could never find the time (I guess not, with 500 homes a year!).  Finally, his coach told him to put it in his schedule.  So, he did.  I believe it was every Monday at 2:30pm.  From that point on, Greg never missed a lesson.  And that part is evident; I’ve played both with and against Greg…he’s a hell of a tennis player.  But he didn’t lose business either, which I’m sure many people reading this were thinking about.

You see, as I mentioned in the last post, if you schedule things then you get to choose how things go.  Greg likely worked very efficiently up until he had to leave for the lesson, and when he got back from it.  He didn’t run around all day and then randomly decide to go to a tennis lesson because he felt like it, and then take the whole rest of the day off as well.

To make a schedule, you need to know what you want to accomplish…otherwise your mind has no incentive to stay on it, especially on the days you don’t feel like it.  So, if you don’t already have goals, create some!  And don’t just decide the number of sales or the amount of money you want to make.  Have some goals for all aspects of your life and business.  Think about vacations, posessions you might want, things you want to do with/for your friends and family, charity donations/functions, weight loss/exercise, etc. **The best way to really get your juices flowing with this stuff is to create a dream board or dream book where you have pictures of these types of things in front of you to keep you on your game.

Then you want to approach your business as if it really were a business, where you actually have to show up for work, and do work, everyday.

You want to spend most of your time in income generating activities.  That means you need to build in time for lead generation, follow up and appointments.  Working on emails, flyers, looking at the MLS for hours, etc. isn’t income generating.

Get started, and I’ll follow up with what else you want to add, and go into more detail.

Scott Friedman

You’re The DIfference