Damn right you’re worth it!

So, it’s time you started acting like it, thinking like it, and treating yourself like it.

You’re a professional real estate agent, not a doormat.

Okay, the market is challenging.  It’s tougher to find motivated people who need to buy or sell and have the means to do so, but that doesn’t mean you should lower your standards.

I’m really not just speaking about commission, but that’s where the conversation tends to go when talking about an agent’s worth.

So, let’s talk commission.  And I’m not talking about objection handlers for commission.  I’m talking your mental ability to get that you are worth it, and don’t need to cut your commission to get a listing.  In fact, you shouldn’t ever do it.  I’ve blogged about this before, how I am against cutting commission for various reasons, one of which it actually harms the seller.  But this goes beyond that.  This is about your dignity.  This is about your self worth, and the worth of your industry.

I’m not talking about the discount broker and the agent who’s known as the commission cutter of the market.  That’s a completely different conversation, and if you’re reading this…shame on you.  The thought of your potential discount is the only reason a seller considers using you.  And, the worst part is, statistically, you don’t save them money.  You actually cost the seller money when you cut the commission.

It’s unbelievable, really.  What other professional industry worth mentioning has people who only cater to discounting their services as a means of providing their service?

Do you want the best doctor or the discount doctor?

What if a buyer or seller sued you, would you go for the discount lawyer?

Imagine a discount mechanic.  Would you really be surprised when you go through the red light because your breaks failed?

Would the discount builder get many customers or don’t most people want quality built homes?

“ABC Insurance?  Can I get extra coverage for wind damage?  My house is made out of balsa wood.”

It’s freakin’ ridiculous.  No wonder the real estate industry is such a mess.  Yes, I say that when the average agent in the country sells 4-5 homes a year, the industry is a mess.  But I digress…

I’m speaking to you, who normally charges a full commission, yet are tempted to cut your commission so that you can get a listing.

First of all, in this market, even though prices are low, people need you now more than ever.  Homes are taking a long time to sell, on average, if they even sell at all!  Sellers should be happy to pay a full commission, and even willing to pay more.

Second, you need to have professional standards.  It’s a feeling of self worth, even if you don’t have the business to back it up.  Fake it till you make it.  Act as if.

If a seller wants you to cut your commission, you should be thinking, “What are you crazy?  You’re kidding, right?  You didn’t really just ask me that, did you?  I’m sorry, do I have doormat written on my forehead?”

It’s a mindset, that’s all.  You can think of yourself as not good enough, not worth it, and always be willing to cut your commission if they ask, or you can realize you are totally worth it and get what you deserve…helping the seller in the end as well.  Which is better for you?

Scott Friedman