After reading Scott’s most recent blog I took a moment to look at how I’ve been thinking, behaving and believing.  I realize that as much training as I’ve had, and as many years as I’ve been practicing all the “RIGHT” things to do to succeed in sales and life, I am still guilty of not having it all perfect.

Mindset, motivation, desire and discipline all go hand in hand if you’re going to be successful at anything in life, and especially sales.

What Scott wrote is so true.  And, as he pointed out, it’s been said by many before…but you honestly do get what you think about.  Here’s what’s happened to me over the last 6 to 8 weeks:

I started having stomach issues and went through test after test after test to find out I had two ulcers, acid reflux and a diseased gall bladder that was removed by emergency surgery.

Well needless to say during all this, my mindset, motivation, desire and discipline was in the dumps.

You know what I got as a result?  MORE OF IT!

While prospecting, for the first time in years I got complaints, hung up on, people speaking to me so rudely that they topped how anyone has ever talked to me before.

What did this create?  MORE OF THE SAME!

My car broke down three times, my husband got really sick, we began to fight and resist each other.  I started micromanaging my team, doubting my entire life and business, and what I’m up to.

It was gross!

I went to the beach last week for a vacation with my family, to recuperate and rest after the surgery, and guess what?  I got back and experienced MORE OF THE SAME!  Things not happening the way I want, deals falling apart, clients complaining about nonsense, etc.

I called Scott and did nothing but complain and play the “victim” to all that’s been, and is still, going on.

So, who’s responsibility is it to draw the line and put a stop to all this?   MINE.

I can either continue to focus on all this and wallow in the despair of it all, or I can choose to BE THE ONE to make the difference in my own life, thoughts, and results.

Right now I can choose to erase all that’s happened, and simply start over fresh today with a new mindset, a new me and completely reinvent myself…if I want to.  Now that’s refreshing and exciting isn’t it?

Well, I write all this because I want you to get that we all, including myself and Scott, have the same “crap” going on that you do.   No one is the guru all the time; no one is perfect; and “life” will always get in your way.

The question is how long will you stay down there?

Scott spent some time coaching me yesterday, helping me remember all that I have to offer to the world, and all that I’m committed to, and it really pulled me right out of the breakdown that I’ve been in, and made me realize it’s now time for my breakthrough!

Did you know that for every breakdown you have in life there is a huge breakthrough just around the corner if you hang in there, stay on the road and expect and allow for it?

You know what?  During this breakdown, I haven’t read one book, listened to one CD, allowed for coaching, or had any accountability whatsoever.  Instead I’ve been talking to all those people that buy into my own “verbal victim vomit.”  You know the ones that say, “You poor thing, you’ve been through so much, blah blah blah…”

I needed someone like my partner Scott to say, “Hey, come back, here’s my hand.  Grab it and let me pull you back up here.  Let me help you get back to what you’re committed to in life and in business.  Don’t stay down there, there’s too much for you up here to let go!”

Having a coach is literally like a lifeline sometimes!

All four of the words in this title go together to create the life you desire.  And it takes practice, coaching, help, and accountability to stay in this game.  It can’t be done alone, not even by me and I’ve been involved in this stuff for close to twenty years now!

I can’t wait to see all the breakthrough’s that I’m getting ready to have!   I want you to know that we want the same for you in your life and in your business.

Scott and I coach each other daily, as well as our clients, on these thoughts, practices, and habits to help all of us continue on the path to having the life we all desire, and not the life that just “happens” to us.

If you are looking for sales and life coaching to help you maintain your mindset, motivation, desire and discipline, please call or email us so we can walk the journey with you!

Christy Crouch

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