Whenever Christy Crouch and I lead one of our tele-courses, do a live event, or coach our personal clients, people always seem to want the magic pill to make their sales business better.

At You’re The Difference Sales and Life Coaching, we’ve long said the only magic pill is you.

Why?  Because no matter what we teach, no matter what you learn…it all comes down to you putting it into action.

There really are two magic pills – your mindset and consistency.

Your mindset – No matter what you do, you’ll do it better or worse depending on your mindset.  Sure, the law of averages says the more people you call the more deals you’ll get, and yet if you called a hundred people up and cursed them out and hung up, you likely wouldn’t do any more deals than when you first started calling.

Of course, no one is calling prospects and doing that…at least not out loud.  It’s your mind, though that could be doing that.  And what goes on in your mind affects your very being.  In other words, if you’re upset, frustrated, mad, etc., people can tell.  You know it’s true because, if you think about it, you realize that you can tell when others are mad or upset around you, without them saying a word.

So, you need to maintain a positive mindset, despite all the challenges of life, business, the current economy, people hanging up on you, etc.  Focus on your goals, your dreams…the things that jazz you.  Don’t get caught up in the minute by minute, or day by day details.  If you were running a marathon and counted each step and felt each twinge of pain in your feet, you’d stop running in seconds.  Focus on the end game, the result you want. 

Also, listen to affirmation CD’s, motivational CD programs, hire a coach, take a cool tele-course and go to seminars.  Yes, we offer all of that at www.yourethedifference.com, and it’s not just a sales pitch.  There are hundreds of places to find those…you can even make your own affirmation recording.  Just get some outside influences working for you, instead of listening to that little voice inside your head…the voice that undoubtedly takes you down that dark road of frustration, fear, anger, upset, etc.

Consistency – I really don’t think I have to explain this one.  Exercising once in a while, or sporadically, will not yield the results you want.  Neither will inconsistent lead generation.  If you’re reading this, and you’re in sales, and you’re business isn’t where you want it to be, it’s quite possible that your mindset isn’t in the best of places, and more probable that you are not doing lead generation with any consistency.

And, quite honestly, what else should you be doing on a daily basis but generating leads for sales?

The most ironic thing about sales is that the less business one does, they “busier” they are.  Conversely, the high volume producing salespeople typically work less, take more time off, follow a schedule and typically have good systems in place so they can generate leads consistently and not get bogged down with all the non-income producing stuff that lower producers seem to get distracted by.

To again use the marathon analogy, imagine if you were running the marathon and you saw your spouse on the sidelines and decided to stop and say hello  Then a little down the way you got thirsty, so instead of taking the drink that a volunteer hands you while you’re running, you veer off to the deli you saw on the corner to get yourself a Gatorade.  And by the way, you’re hungry.  So, you order a sandwich.  Now you’re full, so you walk a little before starting to run.  Then you start to run again, and you get an upset stomach.  After you deal with that, you’re back on track and running again.  Then your foot starts to hurt a little, so you stop and see one of the race medics.  I think you get the point, but I’m going to drum it home for you.

Bringing that analogy to your business, the marathon is, of course, you running your business over the long haul, going after your goals.  And, all of the things I mentioned represent distractions to take you off your schedule and your consistent lead generation time.

The “spouse” might be a client who calls you and you now have to deal with their issues, on their time.  Going to the deli for a drink could represent one of your office colleagues stopping by your desk for a random chit-chat.  Ordering a sandwich, well that could simply just be lunch.  Some sales offices tend to make an event out of lunch that usually starts at 10:30 with the “I’m going to Joes’ Lunch Shack, what are you in the mood for?” and can escalate all the way up to a 2 hour lunch off the premises because, well, you’re an independent contractor.  Your upset stomach could be just that, or it could be the afternoon food coma that comes with a heavy, unhealthy lunch.  Or, it could be just an email from a buyer or seller that you have to deal with right now. 

Now, I think you get the point, and I only made the analogy represent daily distractions.  What if the “spouse” represented you taking a week off for vacation, but mentally taking the week off before and after the vacation and actually having a really crappy month, in terms of production? 

Your mindset and consistency go hand in hand, and are your true magic pills in sales.

Scott Friedman