Staying in the game of life and business can sometimes be a challenge because “life” will continue to happen.  I’m writing about this today because it seems lately “life” keeps coming at me full speed, and I want to share with you what I’m noticing and how I’m dealing with it.

So first I’ll quickly share that two months ago I had some health issues that were a bit of a scare and required some research type of minor surgery to ensure that it wasn’t cancer.  Well, during the time of waiting for the surgery, my mind went all kinds of places.  I was scared, stressed, felt victimized and my mind/ego wanted me to sit around and think about the possibility of the results 24/7.  The results came back fine and I spent a lot of time, energy and stress worrying over NOTHING.  We’ve all heard worry is a waste and, yet, why do we continue to do it?  Because we are human and we need help to stay in the game of life!

Well, here it is a month or two later, and I am having more health issues with my stomach.  I have to have an ultrasound and minor scope surgery.  My grandmother just recently passed away from stomach cancer, so naturally my mind went right to, “OH MY GOSH, I have stomach cancer,” and wanted me to dwell in this misery.  I just found all this out a week ago today.  And for a few days I went down that dark tunnel and actually, in my mind, starting revisiting my will for God’s sake!  Then last night, I decided to take a minute “out” of my life and just be with myself for a moment.  So, I literally layed down in my driveway and stared at the sky for about thirty minutes and allowed my mind to just wonder around to wherever it wanted to go.  And believe me, it went to some crazy places and by the end I was actually laughing at it.  I am getting more and more clear on the fact that we are NOT our minds.

Then I chose to take control of my mind and decide how I’m going to handle all this.  I am going to chose to be happy, not worry and simply intend for, and manifest that everything will be just fine, as it was last time.  Just because my grandmother died from stomach cancer doesn’t mean that I am going to have it, much less die from it.  And if you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction then you know that what you think about is what you attract.  I certainly am not going to think about and attract cancer for goodness sakes. I’m going to think about health, energy, vitatlity and feeling great!

The little voice inside my head though, is screaming for attention, sympathy, and wants to wallow in this ridiculous thought process and misery side of it all.  It wants others to feel sorry for me and to cater to me, how ridiculous!  It’s amazing how our minds work and what our ego wants.

I, on the other hand, you know, the “real” me, am up to some really big stuff.  I have a huge real estate business to run where I’m selling over 100 homes, I have a coaching company to run, two books that have just been published and I have two small kids under the age of 9.  I don’t have the time to allow my ego the pleasure of this nonsense.

In the midst of all this I’ve had my car breakdown three times and go back into the shop all three times.  I’ve had my a/c breakdown three times in 100 degree weather.  I’ve hired a new buyers agent.  I’ve had the most nightmare closings that I’ve ever imagined having.  And, I’ve been out of town to record some audio products for our coaching company, and had to play “catch up” in a few areas because of being gone.

The reason I’m writing this is because in spite of all this I have still fulfilled each and every commitment to myself.  I have exercised daily, written my sentences daily to practice my NLP language patterns, I have prospected for new business every day, I have been on all my coaching calls and still had a personal life somehow along the way.

How and why?  Because I am committed to my goals and dreams and I chose to stay in the game of life.  I am connected to others who hold me accountable, call me out on my stuff and don’t allow me to go down “that” road that my mind/ego wants to take me.

You can’t do this thing called “life” alone.  I have had coach’s and mentors all my adulthood life.  One thing we know is no one in life has accomplished much without having help along the way.  Staying in the game is hard without supporters along the way.

Do people go through things a lot more serious than what I’m talking about here?  Of course they do!  And yet the same principles apply to dealing with it.  In our book, You’re The One, which is now available in audio form, we show you how to powerfully deal with your mind/ego, and how to move through anything that occurs in your life.

At You’re The Difference Sales and Life Coaching we actually coach you on how to have the life you desire by design and not by chance.  We teach you exercises and ideas to move you quickly through breakdowns so you can have breakthroughs.  

And, you know what?  Amazingly, this morning I feel better than I have in a long time simply from taking control of my mind.