Several of our coaching clients have recently asked “What can I do to stay motivated on a daily basis and do what it takes each day?”


In sales, this is one of the biggest challenges we face as top producing salespeople because there is never a true end.  We don’t get off at 5:00 for the day, or on Friday afternoon for the weekend.  In fact, sometimes we aren’t even “really” on vacation.  The business comes home with us, goes on vacation with us, even goes to bed with us and is literally a part of our every day, 24/7 life. 


As I grew my real estate sales business from 0 to 39 transactions the first year, 39 to 73 the next year, 73 to 84 the next year and then over 100 from then on, I quickly learned how to allow this real estate business into my life.   At first, I was overwhelmed, stressed out, and almost burned out in the first three years of my business because of the quick growth I had.  After realizing that this was something I was good at, and committed to doing, it started to become easy, effortless and almost fun to do on a daily basis. 


I looked at all the career options out there, the potential of money to be made, the pros and cons, etc. And, honestly I couldn’t find anything better than real estate. 


So, I committed and decided it would be a part of my life just like my family.  Now that sounds crazy I know but seriously if you simply allow it in, then it won’t run you.  Instead, you will run it, and you will do so very effectively.  In coaching my clients I teach them its all about efficiency and effectiveness.


Initially I created a schedule based on what my coach told me to do because he said that is what worked for other agents who had done my level of production.  But see, that’s just it, that’s what worked for THEM not me. 


Quickly I realized that if I was going to do this thing called high volume real estate selling then I was going to have to create an exciting, compelling schedule that worked for me.  So I did.  I made it different each day, and instead of doing the same thing the same time every single day I do something different every day so its not so mundane and boring.  I have time throughout each day for myself, my family, my life, exercise and the things I want to do in life and time for my business.


Why is it easy to follow every day?  Because its different every day and each day I wake up to a new activity at a new time.  I used to track my sales numbers like some analytical accountant would review your tax returns and then I threw that right out the window as well.  Sure, I track where my business comes from and my financial side by who cares how many contacts I make and how long I prospect and what my ratios are?  If I’m setting appointments, selling houses and taking great care of my clients, that’s all that matters, right?


I mean lets face it, real estate truly isn’t that hard.  You find sellers, buyers, and put them together, right?  So what’s so hard about it all? 


Our clients tend to get overwhelmed with their schedule, their goals, their commitments and all that they have to do.  How can they possibly get it all done?  And I can understand that.  But, my question is, what’s the alternative?  If you weren’t up to something really big in your life like this, what would you be doing?  I mean surely you realize that the Fortune 500 companies have a similar business style, so doesn’t it feel good to know  you’re doing the same?  You are, or could, run your business just like a Fortune 500 company.  That’s some really exciting stuff, isn’t? 


I teach my clients to think of themselves as. “Myself, Inc.” and to imagine that they are the CEO of their Corporation and actually of their entire life.


Life is what you make it, and so is each day.  You know what, if you do wake up and simply “not feel like it” then don’t.  Allow yourself the time and freedom to get off course sometimes so that in the long run, you can stay on course.


Wow, just as I typed that I realized that was one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along the way.  Its called, getting out of your own way.  I just recently had some surgery done and my business has gone completely wild over the last few days while I’ve been recovering.  Business is coming in out of the woodwork and I’m not even working, I’m laying on the couch!  Allow yourself time to be human and as a result you’ll be amazing.


So, stay in the game as often as you can, switch it up and change it on a daily basis so you are excited to be in your life and business and simply enjoy the journey.  Stop trying to make it so hard and simply allow it to be amazing.