One of the things we teach at You’re The Difference Sales and Life Coaching is that selling isn’t telling, it’s asking great questions.

Questions get you answers.  Answers get you, “Thanks, we’ll call you.”

Questions show you’re interested.  And people love it when others are interested in them.

Questions bring the prospect or client into the conversation.  You’re not just rambling on and on at them.

Questions, if you actually listen to the answers, will give you the keys to your prospect or client’s motivation, so that you can best help them…even when they want to do something that seems to go against their motivation (i.e. they need to move quickly but want to price the home higher and try to negotiate with anyone crazy enough to make an offer, etc.)

Questions are actually some of the best objection handlers.  For instance, when someone says they want to think about it, the simplest way to handle that is to ask them what they want to think about.

Sometimes even a simple, “Why?” is the best handler.  That way, the prospect/client answers their own objection, instead of you making up what you think is going on in their head.

I once had a client that I picked up after their listing expired.  I got the property under contract in 10 days, and they were buying something through me as well.  When we made the offer on the property they were buying (with their house already under contract), the husband asked me if I would cut my commission because I was doing both deals and it was so quickly.

I said, “Why?” and then shut up.

He replied, “I just figured I’d ask.  You have to ask, right?  Okay, where do I sign?”

Can you imagine if I tried to answer that objection handler?  It’s possible I might have just given them the commission break, or I would have tried to justify how hard I worked for them, or been boastful about how I was able to do in 10 days what their other agent couldn’t do in 6 months.  None of that would have been good, and it turned out I didn’t have to do any of it…

…because I asked a question.

You know who taught me to ask questions?  My mom!  And, likely, your mom taught you to ask questions, too.

When you were a kid, did you ever just announce to your mom that you were hungry?

“Mom!  I’m hungry!”

Your expectation was that your mom would make you something to eat, you demanding little brat! 🙂

It’s quite possible that your mom answered as my mom did, “Hi, Hungry!  Nice to meet you!  I’m Mom!”

After I whined, I then got the lesson about the difference between demanding and requesting; the difference between “I’m hungry!” and “Can I please have something to eat?”; the difference between telling and asking!

As salespeople, we tend to do the “I’m hungry!” thing a lot.  We tell, tell, tell, tell, tell our prospects everything we can think of to get them to buy or sell with us.

All we need to do is ask questions.

Thanks, Mom!