Finally!!  We’ve been talking about it for what seems like forever…

And now it’s here…

Now What Do I Say? – Never be at a Loss For Words Again – Real Estate Objection Handlers for Virtually Every Situation is officially published!  Click here to own your copy for only $24.99

Written by me, Scott Friedman, my You’re The Differenceco-founder, Christy Crouch, and Donna Fleetwood, this book has over 425 objection handlers for more than 70 different objections.

If you’re not familiar with the term “objection”, think of it as a question that a buyer or seller has that keeps them from setting the appointment, or signing the contract.

Examples of real estate objections (just to name a few):

The other agent said they’d do it for less.

We only want a 30 day listing.

I want to look at houses before I list.

I want to make a lowball offer.

In Now What Do I Say? we give you 6 different ways to handle each objection. 

Here are the topics we cover:

Calling Expired Listings, Calling For Sale By Owners, Setting the Appointment, At the Listing Appointment, Servicing the Listing, Price Reductions, Negotiating Offers Buyer and Seller, Negotiating Home Inspections Buyer and Seller, and Working With Buyers (Sign/Ad calls, etc.).

AND…here’s the fun part…

We’re having a Now What Do I Say? book release conference call, and you’re invited!  All you have to do is email me at to get all the details.

And you won’t want to miss this call.  We’re going to read excerpts from the book, do live role play demonstrations, take your questions…and best of all we’re going to offer you some absolutely amazing discounts…and you may win some free You’re The Difference Sales and Life Coaching products or services!

Imagine what it will be like for you to have all the tried and true proven answers to any objection you come across in your business.  I wonder if you’re not already realizing how much more confident you’ll feel and how many more contracts you’ll get signed!

Email me at and get all the info so you can join us for our Now What Do I Say? book release conference call, and find out why you will actually hope a client gives you objections!