Please join us for the Now What Do I Say? book release conference call party on Thursday, July 31st at 4pm PST / 7 pm EST.

The number to dial is 517-417-5000, code: 022571.

The book, Now What Do I Say? was written by me, Scott Friedman, You’re The Difference co-founder and active agent, Christy Crouch, and active agent, Donna Fleetwood.  Both Christy and Donna consistently sell over 100 homes a year

Now What Do I Say? is a collection of over 425 real estate objection handlers for over 70 different objections in 11 different real estate categories.

A category could be Setting the Appointment.

The objection might be, “We want to find the right house to buy before we list our house.”

How would you handle that objection?  More importantly, would you be able to handle it the same way, effectively, every time?  Or, would you more or less be surprised when you get the objection and have to come up with something on the fly?

No disrespect meant, it’s just that the vast majority of salespeople don’t have memorized, effective objection handlers at their beck and call.

Which is exactly why we wrote this book; to help you!  And in the book, you’ll find 6 different ways to handle that very objection, and over 70 more objections as well.

And, on the book release part conference call, we’ll handle some objections, either from the book, or on the fly!

More importantly, we’ll have some tremendous deals on the book and other products, as well as give some of our products away for free!

Could you use the book (listed at $24.99)?  Could you use the book on audio (a 3CD set read by the authors for $99.99)?  Could you use a live role-play CD of 12 different objections (as done by the authors for $19.99)?

Get on the call Thursday and you might win them for free!

Join us for the Now What Do I Say? book release party conference call on Thursday, July 31st at 4pm PST / 7pm EST.



On the call, we’ll read excerpts from the book, do some objection handling and take questions from you.