If you really want to get good sales training, the best thing to do is to watch a young child in action.  They don’t take no for an answer.  They close and close and close and close…and then they close some more.

And they handle objections very easily.  Instead of talking and talking, they just ask questions.

CHILD: Can I do/have ______? 


CHILD: Why not?

PARENT: Because you can’t.

CHILD: Why can’t I?

PARENT: Because I said so.


And they have no fear of rejection.  They’ll keep asking until they get what they want, or get in trouble.  And they really don’t care that much about getting in trouble, because they’re back at it again real soon.

As we get older, we lose all of that.  We don’t close; we hope they’ll sign a contract.  We don’t ask questions; we babble or brag about how we’re the best salesperson for the job.  We don’t handle objections very well; we stumble, get nervous or even confrontational.  And we definitely have a fear of rejection.  We go from order makers to becoming order takers.

Somewhere along the line we made up some really stupid stories in our heads about how the world will see us, or what we’ll feel like if we call someone, or ask potentially confronting questions, ask for the order, close people, etc.

I know, I know…selling is hard, people are mean, this is serious stuff, I have bills to pay, I’m not like that.

Stop acting like such an adult!  Sales is kid’s stuff.

1. People are at least somewhat interested in your product or service; they wouldn’t be talking to you if they weren’t.

2. Ask questions

3. Ask more questions.

4. Ask for the order at least 5 times

5. Don’t take no for an answer at least 5 times.

6. Don’t take anything personally.

If a kid can do it, so can you!