In our coaching programs we talk about customer service, being a contribution to your client and coming from a place of truly focusing on the clients needs, wants and desires. If you want to create lots of repeat and referral business, this is a great way to do it.

Instead of sending your past cliens cookies and pumpkin seeds AFTER the closing, we coach on taking excellent care of them while your’re working with them and then asking for their permission to keep in touch periodically after the closing to see if they need you for anything.

Whether you are working with buyers or sellers, consider calling them no less than once a week to touch base. Let them know what you’re doing to get their needs taken care of and ask if they have any questions and / or concerns for you that you can answer for them. Send your sellers copies of every ad, flyer, or marketing piece that you create so they know exactly what you are doing to get their home sold. Give them feedback from the showings that take place so they know what others are thinking about their home. Give them regular market condition updates and actually provide service to them! Keep your buyers posted daily of any new listings that come on the market based on what they are looking for so they know you are actively searching to find them just the right home.

Consider the idea of creating customers for life with your real estate business!