Yes.  Next question.

Yeah, that’s a little arrogant, but I’m pretty sure of two things: 1) you’re reading this because you at least have a passing interest in doing more sales than you are right now, and 2) you probably can’t name anyone who acheived great success in any field without having a mentor or coach to support them (yes, there are exceptions to rules, but there are 7 billion people on the planet, so naming one or two people who would pass the world’s definition of “great success” doesn’t make for a debate).

Here are the rough facts, somewhat unscientific:  just two-three years ago there were over 2 million real estate agents in the U.S. and just about 10 million homes sold a year.  That averages out to 4-5 homes sold a year per agent.  And quite honestly, that’s pretty awful, and that was in a good market!

In the last couple of years, both of those numbers have gone down signifcantly…clearly less homes are selling, and many agents have been forced out of the business.

Again, unscientifically, I think the average homes sold per agent per year has gone down, too.  My anecdotal evidence is a former colleague of mine, a 30-40 deal a year producer, who last year at this time was just about to sell his first home of the year.

And here’s another unscientific fact:  the average agent who has a coach sells more than 25 homes a year.

Our minds are very powerful, and very self-centered.  We all have huge, huge egos, whether we think so or not.  And having an ego doesn’t neccessarily mean you think you’re the best of the best; having a huge ego can simply mean you don’t want anyone’s help or advice, you’re just fine, you can do it.

To be clear, no one NEEDS coaching.  However, you will definitely benefit from having a coach help support you to acheive your goals and be more successful.  If you experience any of the following, then you would really do well to hire a coach, or get into some sort of coaching program:

  • want to do more than you’re doing now
  • lack of discipline: no consistent lead generation, no schedule, always working on files and non-income generating activities, answering the cell phone at all hours of the day and night, no real day off
  • thoughts of not being good enough, the competition’s so much better, it’s too hard in this market
  • inconsistent commission checks/closings
  • knowing you could be doing so much better
  • jealous of your colleagues and competition because their production is higher than yours
  • not knowing what to say or how to say it on appointments, showings or phone calls
  • when working with buyers, not consistently getting them to make an offer in 2 showing appts or less 
  • not working with sellers
  • when working with sellers, not getting the listing at least 60% of the time you go on the appt.
  • being emotionally attached to every deal

The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the point.  And really, even 100+ deal a year producers do much better with coaching.  In fact, many more higher producers utilize and beleive in coaching than do low producing agents.  You’d think it would be the opposite of that.  You’d think all the top producers would have such huge egos as to not think they need coaching.  Nope.  They know they can’t go it alone.  They need support to maintain producing at a high level, the same support that got them to that level.

So, yeah, coaching is for you, unless you don’t want to do more deals.

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