Even without thinking about it these words have tons of power and meaning to you, don’t they?

I mean come on, without desire and discipline, how would anything great ever occur? Have you taken the time lately to think about what your desire is in life and in business?

Did you know that less than 5% of the population ever takes the time to plan their business, let alone their life? We spend hours upon hours and literally days, planning our one week’s vacation of the year. But we hardly spend any time planning our life and business.

Our question is why? What are you waiting on? Don’t you want the life and business you’ve dreamed about and know you can have deep down in your heart?

You know what the secret is? Its much easier than you would ever imagine to have everything you want in life. The first step is to declare it, write it down, and simply decide what you want. Take some time “out” of your life and business to work “on” your life and your business.

Consider taking a day in the park, at the beach or just alone in your house to write out some thoughts, ideas and plans. Search deep down in your soul for what it is you really want. Whats going to give you the desire to have the discipline to go out and do what it takes every day to create your life and business by design and not by chance.

Are you lifeing along every day allowing life to just “occur” to you. Or, are you living a life of purpose and intention? Hopefully you aren’t waiting on “someday”. I know we don’t have to tell you, I’m sure you already know that someday isn’t on the calendar and isnt coming. We want you to make your “someday”, today.

I hope you don’t just read this and then simply move on with your day. Imagine for a moment that instead, you actually take on creating your life and business by design.

Get your laptop or a clean notebook, put on some inspiring and relaxing music and just write. Don’t hold back, don’t let your “little voice” also know as your mind, get in the way and stop you. Pretend that their are no obstacles and forget about the “how” of it all. Just write about everything you would want in your life and your business as if anything were possible. Because you know what? Anything is possible, if YOU say it is!

After you write it down, read it every day and share it with everyone in your life. Create accountabililty around you that will compel you to follow through with what you say you want. Set up a schedule and a plan to have the discipline to follow through with the action items you’ll want to take to reach your goals and dreams.

The biggest and hardest part is deciding what you want and believing you can have it and deserve it. The rest, almost magically takes care of itself.

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