We’ve been talking about the idea of blogging for some time, and all I can say is…finally! They say for blogs to be noticed, and to be worth it and helpful, the blogger(s) has to be willing to blog multiple times per week.

Co-founder Christy Crouch and I are committed to that, sometimes separately, sometimes together.

When we formed You’re The Difference Sales and Life Coaching, we wanted to offer as much value as possible. It started with the idea of a book called You’re The One, and along came Donna Fleetwood with the idea for Now What Do I Say? objection handler book. Then it sky rocketed.

I was a former real estate sales agent, Christy was/is a current high volume producing sales agent. We were/are both coaches. And we thought that we could really make a difference for people with what we’re up to.

One the one side, we have the life coaching, courses and products…it’s all titled after the book, You’re The One. And on the other side, we have the sales coaching, training, courses and products…it’s all titled after the book Now What Do I Say?

So, stay tuned to our blog, keep checking our website, look out for our emails, free reports, newsletters, book publishing announcements, course schedules, live events and special offers.

You want to sell more homes? We’ve got objection handlers, coaching, sales training…everything.

You want to work on your life? We’ve got certified professional life coaches to help you, as well as courses and products.

This blog is going to be filled with value in the coming days…

We’re going to give you real estate tips, and tips on improving the quality of your life.

We can’t wait to make a difference with you!


Scott Friedman, Co-Founder, You’re The Difference